Specialist denture clinic offering a complete denture service in Portsmouth

Arundel Street Dental offers a wide range of denture services, including repairs which can be ready from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
As part of our complete dental services, we work alongside a Registered Specialist Dentist, thereby extending our range of services available to you.

We feel that quality dental care is something that fulfils your needs and expectations every day. You shouldn’t feel restricted or handicapped in any way, as a result of losing some or all of your teeth.

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Implant retained mandibular overdentures.

Our services include:

• Denture repair while you wait
• New dentures in 2-3 weeks
• Copy sets
• Dentures in a day – by appointment
• Same day additions to dentures
• Implant retained dentures
• Addition of teeth to existing plates
• Small dentures
• Chrome plates
• Denture cleaning service
• Dentist’s service available for associated works

Why choose Arundel Street Dental?

• Central location on bus route
• Close to Fratton train station
• Parking opposite
• Complete denture service
• High quality materials used
• Quick repair service
• Well established family run business
• Friendly staff
• Much of our business is word of mouth

Remember, dentures aren’t just available at the dentist. By choosing Arundel Street Dental, you are choosing denture specialists who can focus solely on providing you with a thorough, quality driven service and product.

How long do I have to wait?
We are proud of the prompt and efficient service we are able to offer. First appointments can usually be made within a week and subsequent appointments within days of each other.

Our high quality acrylic dentures take 2-3 weeks. If you have an emergency and need dentures in a hurry, we are able to make them in a day. Contact our team for further details.

Can I get a quote?
The art of a successful outcome is in the planning. We will provide you with a full treatment plan and costing before you proceed.

I have heard overdentures are bad?
Many dentists were put off overdenture treatment in the 1990’s as the available attachments were of poor quality, required a lot of maintenance and were “more trouble than they were worth”.

This is no longer the case. We have been using the locator attachment system since its introduction about 5 years ago and have had few problems.

Smile with confidence with a new set of dentures, call us today on

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