Who are we?

We are a specialist dental clinic which is dedicated to the provision of quality denture care.

As we focus on treating patients who require dentures we have invested in specialist training and equipment to ensure we can achieve outstanding results. We can carry out other dental treatment such as the extraction of teeth or provision of crowns and other dental restorations if these are required as part of your overall care.

The clinical and laboratory aspects of your care are all carried out on the premises so as to ensure quality at all stages of your treatment.
A major benefit of having both the clinic and laboratory on site is that you get to see both the clinicians and the technicians who will actually make your dentures.

Our lead clinician is a registered specialist with the General Dental Council in Prosthodontics (The art and science of replacing missing teeth) and our senior technician is a registered Clinical Dental Technician who can carry out not only the laboratory but also the clinical aspects of your care.


Your Concerns Addressed


Quality in dental care is a difficult thing to measure. We feel that quality is something that fulfils your needs and expectations every day – so you do not feel restricted or handicapped in any way, as a result of losing some or all of your teeth.

This is a tall order in denture care. A denture is after all an artificial replacement for your natural teeth and therefore is inherently inferior. We would find it strange to hear someone say that their prosthetic limb was as good as their missing arm or leg, but we on the whole, expect dentures to perform as well and in some cases even better than the teeth they replace.

The basis to achieving a quality result every time is to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your requirements before treatment commences.

Whether you have worn dentures for many years or are faced with denture wearing for the first time, you will have particular concerns which need to be addressed. We go to great lengths to answer any questions you may have and ensure you are involved in; and understand your treatment, at each stage.

Developments in modern dental care mean that many of the problems traditionally associated with wearing dentures, can be overcome utilising dental implants. We can, in association with other colleagues, offer you the whole spectrum of implant based dental care. Our aim is to give you a number of options, so you can choose the right option for you. Don’t be afraid to ask!


We are proud of the prompt and efficient service we are able to offer. First appointments can usually be made within a week and subsequent appointments within days of each other.

In fact, in many cases, we are able to make your dentures in one day if that is what you require!

Complicated treatments take a little longer, but seldom is treatment extended over a long period. The art of a successful outcome is in the planning. We will provide you with a full treatment plan and costing before you proceed.

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